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A Good News for All: Dimulti Pool’s New Partnership with WATERCO

A Good News for All Dimulti Pool's New Partnership with WATERCOTalking about our partnership with WATERCO, this would be an interesting topic. But, before we go further to that kind of matter, here we will explain on why this partnership matters.

Back in the past time, swimming pool was only a facility for swimming. This was no more than a pool that was used to get the health advantages of swimming activity. But, by the time’s going, apparently the most essential part of swimming pool has changed a bit significant.

It is the function that is not only used for swimming anymore. Matter of fact, many other functions of swimming pool has stuck on it. We may see a swimming pool as a recreational place with all the facilities inside. Or, a swimming pool that only used to accentuate a corner of the house. All these things give us a sign that swimming pool has grown in the matter of function. And whatever is it, these pools exist to serve a common purpose, fulfilling the owner needs.

As the growing function of swimming pool, the need toward pool equipment is also getting higher. Realize it or not, pool equipment is the one that supports swimming pool functionality a lot. Without pool equipment, our swimming pool will not perform maximally. For the regular swimming pool for example, we need pool pump and filter to keep the circulation’s running and the water is well-filtered.

A Good News for All Dimulti Pool's New Partnership with WATERCOOn the other hand, in hot-water pool, we need to apply heater to control the pool temperature. Or, if we want to minimize the use of chemical needed, salt chlorinator will be so much helpful. Besides, other pool equipment such as vacuum hose, vacuum head, skimmer, and telescopic handle are also terribly needed.

Based on the explanation above, we can conclude that pool equipment is something essential to keep the swimming pool to perform maximally. This is why we need to use high quality of pool equipment to get the better result of it. And when it comes to the high quality of pool equipment, we, Dimulti Pool gives you the best solution we could ever have. WATERCO, an Australian-based pool equipment brand is the best one to fulfill your pool needs. Below is the detail explanation of why WATERCO could be the best recommendation from us.

A New Partnership with WATERCO

Dimulti Pool is one leading pool contractor in Jakarta, Indonesia. Standing as a division of DIMULTI PILAR NARMADI, PT., Dimulti Pool is focusing itself on providing the best quality of pool services. These services cover pool building services, pool renovation services, pool repairmen, pool designing, and pool maintenance services.  More than that, we also offer our ustomers with the best quality of pool products such as pool equipment, accessories, chemicals, and pool stairs. Supported by experiences staff who has worked in the business for more than 15 years, every services will be offered professionally. And now, to complete our systematic service, we have made a new cooperation with one big pool equipment brand as it’ll be explained in below.

By the day of Friday, January 12th 2016, Dimulti Pool proudly announces its new partnership with WATERCO. With this new partnership, Dimulti Pool will be the authorized distributor of WATERCO products. Every product that is offered has the best quality in line, and of course, a competitive price. Yes, it’ll be the competitive one for sure. It’s all because buying WATERCO product in Dimulti Pool means that you buy it in the first hand. No more additional fee, and no more marked-up fee. More than that, our WAERCO products are guaranteed and we’re ready to provide official technical support from WATERCO. Surely, these must be something worth to consider.


A Good News for All Dimulti Pool's New Partnership with WATERCOThe topic of partnership with WATERCO leads us to one big question “Who WATERCO actually is?”. And to answer that question, we will explain it to you in this session. As it is stated before, WATERCO is a pool equipment brand based on Sydney, Australia. Firstly founded on 1981 as “Dronaco”, now WATERCO has expanded its business to more than 40 countries all over Asia, Australia, America, and Europe. In its early year of its operation, Dronaco was focusing on distributing PVC pipe for spa and swimming pool industry. Then this company started to focus on swimming pool and water treatment product on 1983.

The name “WATERCO” was firstly introduced in 1987 to replace “Dronaco”. And as the business was growing, WATERCO finally flew in the Australian Stock Exchange in 1989. Having a large coverage of business area, this company has produced various products for swimming pool and spa industry. These products are Pool and spa equipment, Residential water filters, softeners and purifiers, Pool and spa chemicals, and Commercial water treatment equipment. With an advance research and development process, the company keeps improving the quality of its products to be the leading world-class pool and spa products.A Good News for All Dimulti Pool's New Partnership with WATERCO

Then why we signed a partnership with WATERCO in the first place? Surely it is because this company is worth to be considered. With a long experience of producing pool and water treatment equipment, we believe that quality is not something to be questioned anymore. More than that, technical support is really something that needs to be considered. Remembering that not all pool equipment brand giving the technical support, so it must be a good news for our consumers to feel safe, with the technical support given by WATERCO.

This is a Good News for All Sides (Dimulti Pool, WATERCO, and Customers)

After all, we hope that this new partnership with WATERCO will bring good to all sides. For us, as a pool contractor company, of course it’ll be easy for us to get particular pool equipment. For customers, surely WATERCO will expand their choice of qualified and affordable pool products. While for WATERCO, we hope that this partnership will make their products turn to be more popular, and becomes the leading in its line.

Finally, that’s all we need to share regarding to Dimulti Pool’s new Partnership with WATERCO. Hope you guys enjoy it, and this could be the valuable reference for you in choosing WATERCO products. If you have any inquiry regarding to our services or WATERCO products, just be free to contact us for further information. Lastly, you dream it, WATERCO provide it, and Dimulti Pool brings it to real!!! Thank you.

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