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Pool Maintenance in Mrs. Melisa’s House in Jakarta

Pool ownership is not as simple as it is though. After the pool is already built, there are still several procedures that need to be followed in order to keep the existence of the pool. And one of the examples is pool maintenance. Pool maintenance becomes a routine that should not be forgotten. Once it is forgotten, it will affect on the whole aspects of the pool. First, you will get the water murky, then the rapid growth of moss and microbes, until the decreasing quality of water. And when it happens, the pool will be no longer proper to be used.

That’s why for most of the pool owners, they will not let their pool unmaintained. As much as they can, pool maintenance will always be done, so that the pool will give positive feedback for the owners. And in the maintenance, there are two possible ways to be taken. Firstly, the maintenance can be done individually. I mean, the owner can do their own pool maintenance. But, this thing is a little bit tricky. As we all know, pool maintenance needs particular tools and equipment that not everyone has. But, the actual point of pool maintenance is actually on skill. Pool maintenance needs particular skills that lead us in the second option.

The second option, we can use the pool service provider to maintain our pool. By doing this way, there will be several benefits that you will definitely get. Indeed, you need more fee to pay the service, but it will be worth. The key is on choosing the reliable pool service provider. With this kind of pool provider, you will not waste your money since the service fee will be paid off with the high level of quality it has.

Here in Dimulti Pool, as one of the leading pool contractor company in Jakarta, we also offer the pool maintenance service. This service will be done by supportive equipment and tool. Therefore, the maintenance process will positively result on the better condition of your pool. Moreover, we are also supported by the team who has experienced for more than 15 years in the related field. With all of these resources, we are sure that what we offer here is quality.

At this point, we would like to share one of our portfolios of pool maintenance project. This is a project that was done in Mrs. Melisa’s house in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. This pool maintenance covers several processes. These processes are pool cleaning, back wash, vacuum, and chemical addition. All these processes are done in order to create the better pool condition.

Fortunately, seeing that the condition of the pool is quite well-maintained, all of the processes can be finished in a single day. And to inform you about some processes that should be taken in pool maintenance, here are details of this project. The first step is cleaning process. This cleaning is aimed to clean the pool from all visible dirt such as leaves, debris, and others. This process is done manually by taking the dirt away from the pool by using some helpful equipment.

Then, after it is finished, the team did backwash to clean the pool floor and pool wall. The backwash in Mrs. Melisa’s pool didn’t take a really long time since the pool was quite clean already. After the backwash is done, then it’s time to do vacuum. This thing is done to vacuum all of the dirt inside the pool.

Further, to give you clearer imagination toward below are the documentation of Mrs. Melisa’s pool before it is maintenance:

Pool Maintenance Jakarta

Pool Maintenance 1

After all of the steps are done, then the team did the last step. It is adding the chemical into the pool. Chemical addition is done to keep the purity of the water. It is also aimed to kill all of the bacteria and other microbes inside the water. This thing is also effective to eliminate virus brought by swimmers. Therefore, the water will be safe to swim in.

Here are the documentations of Mrs. Melisa’s pool after is is maintenance by Dimulti Pool team.

Pool Maintenance 2

Pool Maintenance 3

From the picture above, we can see that the pool water becomes clearer than before. The wall and floor looks brighter too since they are already cleaned from moss and algae. Overall, the pool looks shinier after the treatment. That’s all of our project report about Pool Maintenance in Mrs. Melisa’s house in Jl. Sekolah Kencana 4 No. 8D.  We hope this article will be helpful, and can educate you about the pool maintenance in general.

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