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Understanding Kinds of Pool Circulation System

Having a clear and clear swimming pool which glows under the sun must be the dream of many people on earth. Especially when these things are combined with the nice organization of the area around the pool, this thing must make you feel comfort to be around the pool. But, unfortunately, this thing is not easy to achieve. To get a nice swimming pool that is just like what you’ve imagined, there are some things that should be considered carefully. One of them is the pool circulation that should be installed in the right way.

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Pool circulation covers some things such as mechanic installation, electric installation, and the plumbing system inside the pool. All of these things are terribly important to keep the condition of your pool, especially the water. Therefore, remembering how important the pool circulation is, before building a pool, you certainly need to do consultation toward the circulation of the pool that will be built. And one thing to note, you also need to ask the contractor about what kind of pool circulation that will be installed.

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But, it doesn’t mean that you can forget other pool aspects such as pump, materials, filter, design, etc. and just concentrate on the pool circulation only. However, all of these aspects are related to each other and create a system that can work effectively if they are supporting each other. Therefore, in doing discussion with the contractor, you better talk about the overall aspects of the pool.

Back to our main topic, which is the circulation of the pool, mostly, there are two types of pool circulation. They are Overflow and Skimmer. All of them are great if paired with the right concept of swimming pool. And all of them are also great, since they have their own positives and negatives sides. So, if you are about to build a swimming pool, firstly, it is better for you to understand the kinds of pool circulation as stated below.

Overflow Pool Circulation System

Overflow Pool Circulation System

As the name, overflow pool circulation pool system has the basic characteristic with overflowing water on the edge of the pool. This overflowing water can be on one side of the pool or on the all sides of it. This overflowing water will pour into the canal, which usually called Gutter overflow. From this gutter overflow, the water will flow to a place called balancing tank before it pump to the filter. From the filter, water will be flowed to sand filter before it is flowed back to the pool.

Skimmer Pool Circulation System

Skimmer Pool Circulation System

Unlike the overflow pool circulation system, the skimmer doesn’t have the overflowing water on side of the pool. Therefore, the wall of the pool should be designed higher than the water elevation. Here, you don’t need to build balancing tank. But, as a replacement, you need to build skimmer box. This box will make all of the garbage and debris on the water surface not flowing to the filter, but on the debris basket on the skimmer box. Further, skimmer box can also be used to balance the water elevation as well as to put the chlorine tablet.

That’s all of the kinds of pool circulation. Remembering that this circulation is terribly important, you need to pay more attention to this. Moreover, you also need to check the harmony between the circulation and the pool concept. Finally, we hope this article is useful, and can educate you about the right circulation system for your swimming pool.

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