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How to Do Your Own Self Pool Maintenance

Maintenance is an essential part of the pool ownership. Without doing it, it is impossible for your pool to keep staying in the maximum condition. Further, a well maintained pool will also affects on its appearance. It will look nicely done with the clearly bright water. Therefore, for any pool owners out there, it is better for you to keep your pool well-maintained. But unfortunately, for some people, using pool service provider to do pool maintenance is not something easy. There must be some considerations in doing it. And if you are one of these people, self pool maintenance will definitely be your best choice.

Self pool maintenance is not something easy though. However, there are some procedures which have to be fulfilled before someone decided to do it. But, if you have a willingness to do this kind of maintenance, you will be able to minimize your budget by cutting the cost. Then, how do we able to do this kind of pool maintenance? The following explanation may be useful in helping you maintaining your own private swimming pool. So, here we are, the small tips in doing self pool maintenance.

Steps in doing your own Self Pool Maintenance

The first step in doing self pool maintenance is by checking the water clarity and cleanliness. Water clarity is the most obvious thing to check the water quality of the pool. Even for a small piece of leave or garbage, it will destroy the overall look of the pool. Further, leafs, debris, and any other kind of garbage will trigger the growth of moss and any microbes and microorganism inside the pool. Therefore, as a starter in doing self pool maintenance, try to clean your pool first. Anytime you are free, clean any trash on the pool surface or inside the water. So, your pool will stays clean and clear all the time.

Self Pool Maintenance

Secondly, you need to clean the pool filter. One of the reasons of why the pool water is murky is that the pool filter is not running well. Therefore, in doing self pool maintenance, you need to keep the filter in a better condition. Keep the filter clean from every kind of trash. And you also need to keep it more often in a certain season. For example, in the rainy season, you need to clean the filter more often.

Third step in doing self pool maintenance is by cleaning the Skimmer Basket. Besides filter, the skimmer basket is also needed to be cleaned. It is because if you don’t clean the skimmer basket, there will be so many trash in there. As a result, these trashes will contaminate the pool and make the water becomes even murkier. Therefore, you need to clean it more often and continually, depends on the trash quantity which enter to the basket.

Then, to do self pool maintenance, you need to check the PH and chemical level inside the pool. Regularly, you also need to check your pool chemical level and its PH. Something such as chlorine level should be controlled regularly to make sure that it is it is safe for your health when you’re swimming in it. And for the chlorine, it is generally known that the safest chlorine level is 1,0 – 3,0 ppm. Besides chlorine, the most important thing that should be noted is the PH level of the water. The recommended PH level for swimming pool is 7,2-7,6. In this PH level, the chlorine will work maximally. If you have difficulties in checking the PH and Chlorine level, you can use the test kit which sold in the market. With this tool kit, you can measure both PH and chlorine level accurately.

How if You Can’t Do Your Own Self Pool Maintenance

Those are all you need to know about how to maintain your own swimming pool by yourself. By doing it, you will get so many benefits, especially for the cost. Self pool maintenance will cut your pool service cost drastically. But, however we understand that you may too busy in doing all of the steps above, especially when you got to work all day long. So, if you are in that kind of circumstances, it is better for you to hire the pool service provider to do maintenance on your swimming pool.

In closing, one thing to remember in choosing pool service provider, all you need to do is choosing the one which has a good reputation with high level of quality. Therefore, you will not waste your money by hiring them. Moreover, a company which has tracking system will also be useful in checking the last condition of the latest update of the project. So, whenever you are out of town, you still be able to check the progress made by the contractor.

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