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Pool Maintenance in Mrs. Eka’s House in Kemang

Pool Maintenance Kemang – By the time, Dimulti Pool keeps improving in every aspect in order to offer the premium level of pool services. Every pool project such as pool building, pool renovation, pool maintenance, and pool repairmen is done carefully with precision to result the high quality of end product. Further, some pool products such as pool accessories, pool equipment, and pool chemical are also offered in such a competitive price. And for you who want to do consulting about pool world, we also offer free consultation section with our pool experts.

Supported with the experience staffs who have worked for more than 15 years in swimming pool field, every project is done professionally. And about the quality of our end product, you don’t really need to worry about it. We use the best possible materials and equipment in our project, so the end product of the pool will definitely bring you even more satisfaction. Furthermore, our architect also works really hard to realize customer’s imagination toward their dreamy pool. With the supportive surrounding, all of the pool designs our architect made will perfectly blended, displaying both class and luxury.

Moving to something more specific, we will put a concern on the pool maintenance here. And at this time, we will talk about one of Dimulti Pool’s project, a pool maintenance project in Mrs. Eka’s house in Kemang, Jakarta. This pool maintenance is done in a large skimmer pool which has not been used for a long time. Therefore, the water becomes murky, and there are so many trashes in there. Moss and algae also grow on around the pool, the wall, and also floor. Seeing the condition of the pool, it feels like it is impossible for the pool to be used.

For the clearer overview toward the condition of the Mrs. Eka’s pool, here is the documentation of the pool before it is maintained by Dimulti Pool team.

Pool Maintenance Kemang

Pool Maintenance Kemang Pictures 1

Then, the pool maintenance project was started at July 15th 2016. The first stage of maintaining this pool is by cleaning all of the leaves and trash in both inside of the pool and on the surface of the pool. After the pool was cleaned from all trash and dirt, then it was time for the team to clean all of the moss and algae around the pool. When all of this processes are done, the pool looked obviously cleaner than before. Below are the documentations of the pool after the treatment.

Pool Maintenance in Mrs.Eka House in Kemang 2

Pool Maintenance Kemang Pictures 2

After the cleaning process was done, then the team continued to the next stage of pool maintenance, giving the chemicals. The chemical addition into the pool is done to kill microorganism and to precipitate the algae and the moss, so that it can be cleaned easier. To make the precipitation process effective, team should wait in a day until the trash is fully precipitated. Here is the documentation of precipitated trash inside the pool.

Pool Maintenance in Mrs.Eka House in Kemang 3

Pool Maintenance Kemang Pictures 3

Until the next day, July 16th 2016, the team continued the job. They do a vacuum process the water, and take away all the trash inside it. then, the team repeat the moss and algae cleaning process so it will be completely clean. Here are the documentations of the pool during this process. The water is starting to be clearer and the pool condition is way much better than before.

Pool Maintenance in Mrs.Eka House in Kemang 4  Pool Maintenance in Mrs.Eka House in Kemang 5

And the last stage of this process is doing total backwash at the pool filtration system. Finally, after all of the project is done, here is the documentation of Mrs. Eka’s pool in Kemang, Jakarta.

Pool Maintenance in Mrs.Eka House in Kemang 6

Pool Maintenance in Mrs.Eka House in Kemang 7

That’s all of our project report in Mrs. Eka’s house in Kemang, Jakarta. May this report can inspire you in taking care of your own private pool. And here in Dimulti Pool, we help you to realize your dram toward your fantasy pool. With hard work and consistency, we build a pool, with smile and kindness, we serve customers. Let’s build a pool, let’s build happiness!

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