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Natural Swimming Pool, the New Concept of Modern Swimming Pool

With the growth of healthy and eco-living lifestyle, everything with natural concept is getting popular, including for swimming pool. These days, there’s a lot of people prefer to choose swimming pool that is built under the concept of natural then the conventional one, or what we usually call Natural Swimming Pool (NSP). What it means by natural here is that this kind of swimming pool reduces the use of chemicals, or even not using it at all. Therefore, the side effects of chemical exposure can be decreased.

Then, what is the natural concept swimming pool actually is? Is this kind of pool has the same quality as the other conventional pool in general? If you are still wondering about these things, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we are going to discuss about what Natural Swimming Pool (NSP) actually is, its positive and negative sides, and everything about it in general. So here it is, the explanation about Natural Swimming Pool.

Natural Swimming Pool, the New Trend in Swimming Pool Concept

If you are about to build new swimming pool, NSP concept is worth to be considered. This is the concept that will be suitable with your healthy and eco-living lifestyle. With this concept, you can reduce the pollutant brought by the water waste when you drain the pool. Besides, by applying this concept, you don’t have to worry about overexposure of chemicals which is usually destructive.

Then, what is NSP actually is? Natural Swimming Pool is a concept where a swimming pool doesn’t use any chemicals in its treatment. Instead, it uses natural element such as stones and water plant to filter the water. This concept was firstly introduced in Austria in 1980. Then this kind of swimming pool is getting popular as the growth of people awareness though eco and healthy lifestyle.

By using natural concept, every single equipment and accessories of the pool are also using the natural elements too. And even though it doesn’t use chemicals at all, the water quality of this pool is guaranteed to have the same quality with the one in the conventional pool, even better. Therefore, for you who apply healthy and eco-living lifestyle, this kind of pool will be the best choice.

Technically, Natural Swimming Pool is divided into two sections. The first section is called swimming zone. This is the zone for swimming. And the second one called regeneration zone, where the water filtering is run. The water itself will be filtered by natural stones and water plants such as water lily and water grass.

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Just like other kinds of pool, the swimming zone is made with certain depth as the request of the owner. Usually it has one or two meters. Then, in regeneration zone, the depth will be swallower. Both of the zone are separated with separation wall. While for the filtering process, water will be pumped from the swimming zone into the regeneration zone. Here is where the natural stones and water plants take part. They will filter the water until it’s clean enough. After that, the water will be pumped again to the swimming zone. This process will be repeated again and again till the water quality is good.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Swimming Pool

Natural Swimming Pool 2

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Talking about advantages, Natural Swimming pool has so many advantages. The most obvious one is that the water quality is really natural and good for your health. This is because this water is free from chemicals contamination. Besides, with the natural plants and stones in regeneration zone, this will add the aesthetic value of the pool, especially when we use highly aesthetic water plants.

Moreover, the environmental issue also becomes the attraction of Natural Swimming Pool (NSP). With no chemicals contamination at all, it means that the water waste of this pool will not pollute the environment. So, it will be good for the ecological life around you. In addition, this kind of pool is also easy to maintained.

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But, with all those advantages, it doesn’t mean that Natural Swimming Pool doesn’t have negative sides. This sides especially comes from the larger space needed to make this pool since it has two different zones. Of course, with the need of large space, this kind of pool is difficult to be built in city where land ownership is limited. In addition, the present of some animals such as snake, frog, lizard, or salamander is considered not nice for some people.

Outside of all this controversy, the present of this concept is already expands consumer choices toward pool concept. Whether you want to apply it or not, all of the choices are in your hand. But one thing should be remembered, you have to consider the concept carefully when you are about to build swimming pool. That’s all of our discussion about Natural Swimming Pool, may it be helpful in helping you deciding what the best swimming pool concept for your own.

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