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Natural Pool Treatment for Your Clearer and Healthier Pool

For some people, chlorine or other chemicals level in a swimming pool can be a serious problem. Something like skin irritation, eyesore, dry skin, and other is haunting them whenever they enter the pool with high level of chemicals. Therefore, nowadays people started to use Natural Swimming Pool (NSP) concept in order to minimize all the bad things above. But, unfortunately, due to several reasons, not all people can build Natural Swimming Pool in their housing. That’s why they look for another way out for this problem. And here it is, natural pool treatment comes as a brilliant alternative for that.

What is meant by natural pool treatment here is reducing, or even totally replacing the chemicals that usually used for pool treatment with other natural components from the nature. By using these natural components, the diseases mentioned above can be reduced effectively. Moreover, the pollution level from the pool water waste when we drain the pool can also be decreased.

Natural Pool Treatment Application

Further, natural pool treatment can also be done by doing several things. The first thing is by applying Natural Swimming Pool (NSP) concept. This is a pool concept that is based on something natural. But, as mentioned above, the application of NSP is not really easy since you need to provide large scale of land. But, if you have this kind of land scale, you can apply this concept right away.

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Besides building natural swimming pool, there’s still another way in applying natural pool treatment. It is by replacing the chemicals that are usually used in the pool treatment by other natural components. By the usage of natural components as the chemical replacement, the risk of over-chemical exposure can be decreased significantly. Then, how is the application of this treatment concept? Here is the detailed explanation about it.

The natural component that can be used in this natural pool treatment to replace all of the chemicals is salt. Here, the salt function is as chlorine replacement. For you who have allergy to chlorine, this method must be an interesting way to try. By doing this, you don’t have to worry about your skin that will be dried after swimming, or the strong odor of the chlorine that can hurt you nose because all of these things can be achieved by using salt as the chemicals replacement.

To apply this method, you will need a help from salt chlorinator machine. This is a machine that will split the salt particles with the dose 1800-6000 ppm. This splitting process is done by electrolysis and will result free chlorine such as Natrium Hypochlorite (NaClO) and Hypochlorus (HClO). These are the particles that have ability in tying the free particles that are needed by water. With such a function, this technique will also effective to clear the water.
Moreover, the procedure of doing this method is quite simple. You only need to pour non iodium salt to the water, and then turn on the salt chlorinator machine. Let it works until your pool looks cleaner and clearer than before.

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That’s all of our discussion about natural pool treatment. By applying all those things above, you will definitely get the better quality of water which is more safe and refreshing. Further, you can also take part in fighting the water waste pollution. In closing, we hope that this explanation will be useful for you in taking care of your pool. Thank you.

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