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Pool Maintenance Tips

Our news article Today is about Pool maintenance tips. Having a private pool in our backyard could be the most glamorous and luxurious idea ever. Everyday after working, or when we just want to spend our time in a long holiday, we could lay up on the side of it to relax our body or just to get tanned. More than that, hosting people for barbecue party or doing fitness routine could also be done here.Pool Maintenance Tips

But unfortunately, not all of these things can be achieved easily as imagine. Having a private swimming pool could be complicated though, especially when it comes to the pool maintenance. Many people give up on this. As a result, the pool will be less-glamorous anymore. Just to mention, some problems such as broken filters, algae build up, and green water could be the most intrusive look inside the pool.

But, you don’t have to worry about these things. However, if you can manage your pool with good ways, your dream about clean and bright pool with pristine and clear water could be achieved. Furthermore, you can contact pool maintenance services or you can follow too the simple pool maintenance tips below to keep you pool always in a good condition.

Private Pool Maintenance Tips

1. Do Skimming and Scrubbing Regularly.

If your pool is located near the park, or at least there are trees around there, you must find leaves or debris on the water surface or inside it. This thing will definitely disturb the view. Therefore, you should do the skimming regularly. This thing is quite simple, but need a high consistency in doing it. You should repeat it regularly, and it really suggested to do pool skimming daily.

In addition to that, you need to do scrubbing too on your pool maintenance. This scrubbing process is so effective to prevent the growth of algae on poolside. Unlike skimming, you only need to do scrubbing once a week. But one thing should be remembered, you need to give emphasize on where the algae grows more stubborn. The trick in doing it is filling the chlorine before you scrub it up.

2. Measure the Chemical Level of your pool

Chemical level is the essential thing in pool maintenance. It should not be too much or too less. When it is not in the proper ration, it can irritates the skin, sores the eyes, and makes the pool looks murky. So, you need to give the right chemical dose to your pool.

Ideally, there are about six kinds of chemical that you need to consider. They are Free Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid, Acidity/Alkalinity, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness. While testing the chemical level of your pool is very simple. You can buy testing kits from the store, and follow the instruction of using it. Then you can adjust how much chemical dose that you need to add.

3. Pay More Attention to the Filters.

Pool Maintenance Tips (filter)Many people consider that pool filter is the essential part of pool maintenance. Just like kidneys in our body, filters will remove the impurities of the water. So, to keep these filters in a good condition, you need to clean its pipe at least once a month. Then, you need to do backwash too. Remove the basket and clean it up. But one thing to note, you don’t need to do it too often because it can harm your filters mechanic system.

More about the ways in taking care of pool filters, see:Proses install filter Kolam Renang.

4. Absorbing Oil with a Tennis Ball

When you see there are many tennis balls in pool, it doesn’t mean that people were playing catch there. But, all of these balls is still doing their second job. Here is the analogy. When swimmers go inside the pool, their body might contain oil from their body or from some product such as lotion, hair product, etc. This oil will be left behind in the pool, especially on the water causing such unpleasant view.

So, as your pool maintenance tips, you can use tennis balls to absorb this oil. Just throw some of them into the pool, and let the fibers in it do their job in absorbing the oil.

5. A Shock Treatment is Important for Your Pool

The last pool maintenance tip is giving the pool shock treatment once in two weeks. This thing is done to eliminate the number of organic contaminations or germs. To do this, you can increase the dosage of the chemical into your pool. but one thing you should remember, that this is not the replacement for the running sanitization, but it is done to help sanitisers more effective. However, the shock treatment should be done based on the pool product used.

Those are the tips that you can do simply to keep your private pool in a good condition. However, we believe that not all people are capable to do all the things above. And if you are, don’t worry, you can simply call the pool service provider which will keep your pool in a good condition.

Article provided by Dimulti pool staff  ( pool maintenance service ) called Kontraktor Kolam Renang: Membuat dan Merawat Kolam Renang

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