Pool Maintenance Service

The trend toward health lifestyle is getting bigger now. This is boosted by the rising awareness of modern people to their health. This is why we can see many gyms are full after the working hours, and many stores are selling organic food. But apparently, it is not only public health training facility that has many visitors. But, due to some reason, for several people they prefer to have their own health training facility, in which one of them is swimming pool. This is why we aim to bring you the good quality of Pool Maintenance Service.

For the record, private swimming pool ownership number is getting bigger by day. More and more people aim to bring this swimming facility into their residence so that they can swim privately and safely. And if you are one of these people, there are several things that you should consider to make your swimming pool performs maximally. And one of these things is doing pool maintenance.

Pool maintenance service covers several things including pool water treatment (which has particularly discussed in our other service detail) and pool mechanical maintenance. For pool mechanical maintenance, it consist of several things such as doing backwash, and checking the filter. Futher, it’s also includes checking the plumbing system, the pool pump, salt chlorinator, and others. All these things are done to make sure that the entire system works really well in supporting your swimming pool. Because if one of these aspects is not working, then the other will get influenced too, so the system won’t work really well.

Why this pool maintenance is important? As other kinds of machine, pool machines also need to be maintained. In the pool filter for example. The average time of pool filter daily operation is about 7-8 hours. During this time, the filter is working over and over to filter the pool water. So surely, after the long time of operation, there will be so much dirt from the filtering process. This dirt should be removed from the pool filter so that it can operate well. Not only the filter, but the maintenance should be done on other pool machines. This way is done to make the whole system runs effectively.

In Dimulti Pool, we are supported by experienced staffs who have involved themselves in the business for more than 15 years. With a long life of experiences, we have handled many kinds of pool machine including filter, salt chlorinator, pool pump, and many others. Further, we’re also having cooperation with several pool machine brands which are ready to offer their technical support whenever it’s needed. Every mechanical maintenance is done carefully to keep the performance of the machine. So, whenever you need someone to take care of your pool mechanical aspects, just don’t be doubts to put our contact window on call.

Pool Maintenance Service Portfolios

So far, there are several pool maintenance service project handled by Dimulti Pool. These projects come from various customers such as apartment building, penthouse, residence, and more. With sufficient quality of resources, Dimulti Pool team handled these projects professionally. So, the final result of this pool mechanical maintenance will be maximal, and able to support the functionality of the pool itself. So, here it is, an example of pool maintenance service portfolios by Dimulti Pool.

Pool Maintenance in Noble House

As stated before, Dimulti Pool has handled many pool maintenance service projects, especially in Jakarta and its satellite cities around (JABODETABEK). And one of these projects is a pool maintenance project in Noble House, Jakarta. Noble House is a high rise building that is mainly used for office. This building is located in strategic business area Lingkar Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta.

Pool Maintenance Service in Noble House Jakarta

Noble House Jakarta

Having an easy access to several city spots, this building has been the main choice for doing business. With Noble House, Dimulti Pool has made a long-term agreement with the management of Noble House for pool maintenance. In Noble House, Dimulti Pool does pool water treatment as well as pool mechanical maintenance. This mechanical maintenance covers overall checking on filter, pump, and installation. Below we enclose the documentations of this project.

Pool Mechanical Maintenance

Dimulti Pool Team Doing Pool Mechanical Maintenance in Noble House

Vacuum Troley made by DImulti Pool Team

Pool Maintenance Services by Dimulti Pool in Noble House

Above we enclose the video of pool maintenance service by Dimulti Pool in Noble House. May the video can be a reference fro you regarding to our service.

Above is the example of pool maintenance service that have been handled by Dimulti Pool team. Hopefully, those portfolios will be able to give you a clearer view about our service. And once again, if you are interested to our service, the easiest way to get it is by putting our contact window on a call. Finally, what’s seen outside is the reflection of what’s in the inside. With Dimulti Pool, we offer you the best solution for your pool maintenance service.