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Pool water treatment is the essential point in pool ownership. Indeed, having a swimming pool could be the luxurious idea to accentuate your house. More than that, you can also get the health benefits of this swimming pool. Expressing your swimming hobby will be easier too. Whenever you got time, just go to the pool and swim, freely, and privately. So definitely, swimming pool will be the best idea for your modern and sophisticated life. But, beyond those ideas of luxury and sophistication, having swimming pool is not easy though.

To keep the pool in the maximum condition is more than essential. And to do this, there are several things to consider, especially on the water. We can say that water is the core component for swimming pool. Without water, a swimming pool is no more than a space of dug land. So, if you’re not paying attention on the pool water, it could really be a disaster. The pool water will easily turns green. More than that, the growth of moss as well as algae can’t be avoided, make your pool slippery and un-sterile. And when these things happen, this is exactly the time when you need to take pool water treatment.

Dimulti Pool is one of the major pool contractors in Jakarta. We are a division of DIMULTI PILAR NARMADI, PT. which focuses on providing the pool services such as pool building, pool renovation, pool maintenance, and pool water treatment. Moreover, we also supply various kinds of pool products such as pool chemical, pool accessories, and pool equipment.

Supported by experienced team who already involved in the business for more than 15 years long, we are ready for taking you to the best solution for your pool. Further, our commitment is to keep offering you our best pool water treatment service. Out team are professional and work based on the structured work-flow. Every issue occurs during the treatment will be solved through discussion, and we put our client as priority.

Talking further, about the detail of our pool water treatment services, we offer you the complete package of water treatment. We clean the pool, de the vacuum, check the chemical level, and add the chemical accordingly. All of the processes are done carefully to create the best result of pool water treatment. More than that, we also offer you the advance report of this water treatment. You can choose Offline report, online report, or both.

Every progress of the treatment will be reported to you so you can understand that your pool is well-treated. More interestingly, we also provide the pool water treatment online report. By entering to our system, you can check our treatment result wherever, whenever, including when you have a business in out of town. It’s so easy, simple, and highly sophisticated.

Our Pool Water Treatment Portfolios

For the record, we have handled various pool water treatment projects in various locations. We have handled water treatment in residential, apartment, mansion, and other various places. So, for your references to our service, here we enclose several portfolios of our water treatment project.

Pool Water Treatment at Sudirman Mansion

Sudirman mansion is a 5-stars luxurious apartment building in Jakarta. This apartment building is located in the heart of South Jakarta business area, which is Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD). Having an easy access to several popular public spots such as Grand Lucky Supermarket, Plaza Senayan, Gelora Bung Karno, FX Sudirman Mall, Jakarta Stock Exchange, Ritz Carlton Hotel Pacific Place, and Pacific Place Mall, this apartment has been the favorite choice for executives. And here, Dimulti Pool makes a long term contract with the management of Sudirman Mansion to do pool mechanical maintenance and pool water treatment. Below we enclose the documentations of this water treatment services.

Pool Water Treatment Service at Sudirman Mansion

Sudirman Mansion Swimming Pool

Pool Water Treatment Service at Sudirman Mansion 1

Dimulti Pool Team Doing Pool Water Treatment at Sudirman Mansion Swimming Pool

Pool Water Treatment Service at Sudirman Mansion 2

The Pool Looks Good after Getting Pool Water Treatment from Dimulti Pool

Pool Water Treatment at Mrs. Melisa’s House

This project is one example of our residential pool water treatment services. This service takes place at Mrs. Melisa’s residence in Pondok Indah, Jakarta. The pool is outdoor swimming pool. It has a classic square shape with overflow system. Since this pool is outdoor swimming pool with many plants around it, so there are many leaves or debris blew to the pool. So, the first water treatment’s done by Dimulti Pool team was cleaning the pool. Then, it is continued by backwash and vacuum. For the better view of Mrs. Melisa’s Pool, please refer to the following photos.

Pool water treatment in Mrs. Melisa's house 1

Mrs. Melisa’s Pool Before Having Pool Water Treatment

Pool water treatment in Mrs. Melisa's house 2

Mrs. Melisa’s Pool after Having Pool WaterTreatment by Dimulti Pool

Pool water treatment in Mrs. Melisa's house 3

Another Angle of Mrs. Melisa’s Pool after Pool Water Treatment’s Done

That’s some of our pool water treatment portfolios. Hopefully those examples will be able to give you more understanding regarding to our services. And if you have any inquiry about pool water treatment, just don’t be doubt to put our contact windows on a call. Finally, with the proper pool water treatment, you can provide clean and sterile swimming pool for your loved ones.