Pool Renovation Services

  • Total Renovation
  • Plumbing System Renovation
  • Mozaic Replacement
  • Pool Side Renovations
  • Pool Facility Addition
  • Pool Redesigning
  • Pool Surrounding Renovastion

Bored of your swimming pool? You think that your pool is old-fashioned? Or you think that your pool is no longer able to fulfill your needs? If the answer of all those questions is yes, then all you need is renovating your pool. Here in Dimulti Pool, we offer you quality in our pool renovation services. Our team consists of professionals, who have involved in pool renovation field for more than 15 years. We conduct this renovation process with precision while considering so many factors. So that the renovation process will meet our customer’s needs. With all these things going, we will definitely take your pool into the next level.

Renovation is needed, especially when you think your swimming pool is no longer able to fulfill your needs. For example, when you have a growing family and the pool you’ve built before can not contain the whole member of your family. Or, when you think that your pool is no longer comply with your modern taste since it’s already too old fashioned. F all that things happen to you, then pool renovation must be something really needed.

Pool Renovation: What should be considered?

Pool renovation is not something easy so that you can do it randomly. In renovating our pool, there are several things to consider, especially to make the pool as satisfying as we’re expecting. Below we enclose several things that need to be considered before you decide to renovate your swimming pool.

1. Decide your Renovation Target

It is an essential thing to know your renovation target so that you can decide the best way to take. Firstly, identify the reason of why would you the renovation. There are several reasons that make people want to renovate their pool. Is it because of the pool size, pool design, or the color of the mosaic? Or, is it because you want to add some facilities on your pool? If you already know the reason behind your pool renovation, then you can put your concern on this point.

2. Choose Reliable Pool contractor

Choosing pool contractor is very important in doing pool renovation. The contractor is the want who are about to renovate your pool. So, everything comes out from the contractor, will affect on the final result of your pool.
In Dimulti Pool, we’re not only renovating your pool.

But, we help you as our customers to decide the best way to take in renovating their pool. You can consult to us about the pool design, the pool materials, pool building process, and many more. Everything is done through discussion, so that the final result of the renovation process will meet your needs. Our staff is caring, and always ready to give you our best solution.

Further, with more than 15 years of experience in the business, we will give you the most updated solution about the current trend of swimming pool. Our service is wide, it covers the entire area of Indonesia. And our focus is JABODETABEK area. So, whenever you need a reliable pool contractor, just put our contact window on a call.

Our Portfolios in Renovating Pool

We have handled several pool renovation projects. These projects come from the various fields of renovation such as pool facility addition, pool mosaic changing, and more. And to give you clearer view about it, here is the report of one of our pool renovation projects. This Project was done in the resident of Mr. Ulf, a Sweden citizen who stays in Tangerang. And about the detail of this renovation, it will be explained below.

This Pool renovation process was started on April 21st 2016 and finished on June 3th 2016. So, the renovation process took about one and a half month. This renovation was started by surveying the location to obtain required data. After the data was collected, then we use this data as a parameter to decide the design, the materials used, and accessories added. Below we enclose the documents of Mr. Ulf’s pool before it got renovated.

Pool Renovation Services before 1

Mr. Ulf’ Pool before it gets renovated

Pool Renovation Services before 2

The tiles are detached, there were many mosses around, and there were no grille on the gutter overflow

From the photo above, we see that there are many mosaic was broken and detached. The surrounding was also not really nice. There were many mosses, and there was no grille to cover the gutter overflow. So, the first thing to do by Dimulti Pool Team was replacing the old mosaic with the new one. Below is the documentation of the pool renovation process by Dimulti Pool in Mr. Ulf’s residence.

Pool Cleaning and Tiles replacing

The Renovation Process was started by cleaning the pool and replacing the tiles

natural stone around the pool

The process is almost done, you can see the difference on the natural stone around the pool

After one and a half month of the process, finally the pool is done. There is no moss anymore, and to protect the gutter overflow, Dimulti Pool has installed grille. With the addition of some trees and lighting, the pool looks dramatic especially at night. Here are the photos of Mr. Ulf’s pool after it was renovated.

pool after getting renovated

Mr. Ulf’s pool after getting renovated

Pool Renovation Services done 1

Another angle of Mr. Ulf’s swimming Pool

Mr. Ulf's Swimming Pool at night

Mr. Ulf’s Swimming Pool at night

Renovasion is Completed

With the wonderful light setting, the pool looks elegantly classy at night

With proper renovation process, you can get the better pool that you want. The better pool here means better style, better size, and better facility that your pool will get. By this, surely the pool will bring you more functionality and able to fulfill your needs. So, for you who think that your pool is old-fashioned already, just don’t be doubt in contacting us. With Dimulti Pool, Let’s Bring Your Pool To the Next Level!