Pool Products Supplier

If you’re looking for a pool products supplier, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re going to explain you about one of our services which is pool products supplier. As one of the leading pool contractor in Indonesia, in Dimulti Pool we offer you the complete package of pool services. These services including Pool Maintenance, Pool Building, Pool renovation, and Pool Repairmen. More than that, we’re also ready to hep you in getting various kinds of pool products to support the functionality of your swimming pool.

Dimulti Pool, Your Advance Pool Products Supplier

Swimming Pool Products SupplierHaving a swimming pool could be the best idea for your modern and sophisticated life. Whenever you have time, you can just jump yourself into your pool and swim privately without any distraction. Besides giving you many health advantages, this swimming activity will also be able to refresh your mind after a long day of working.

But, before achieving all those joy of having your own private swimming pool, there is also one thing that you need to consider regarding to the pool ownership matter. It is that you need to take a good care of your pool.

There are many ways in taking a good care for your pool, and one of them is providing sufficient pool products. These are the products that will support many aspects of your pool especially when you do pool maintenance. Talking further about these products, obviously they have a very wide of variety. For people who are still new in the pool ownership field, it must be difficult to find the best pool products. And if you are one of them, you don’t really need to be worry since we are about to offer you the solution for this kind of matter.

As one of the leading pool contractor, Dimulti Pool is also concerning on providing various kinds of pool products. We provide various products from world-popular pool brands in such a competitive price. Further, we also do cooperation with several pool brands company in the world, so that the originality of the products provided by us can’t be doubted anymore. Therefore, if you need to get pool products supplier, pressing our number on your phone will never be something wasteful.

Pool Products Provided by Dimulti Pool

As pool products supplier, Dimulti Pool offers various kinds of products. The first pool product which is available in our list is pool chemical. We know that pool chemical is really needed to keep the pool water stays in such a good condition. This pool chemical consists of several elements such as soda ash, chlorine, HCL, and many more. These are the elements that will simply control the chemical level of the water, and the growth of microorganism so that the water will be safe for human to use. And if you are about to look for pool chemicals, here in Dimulti Pool we offer you many kinds of pool chemical in such a competitive price.

Another pool product we offer to the consumers is pool equipment. Being one of the leading pool products supplier companies, Dimulti Pool offers you a lot of pool equipment. This equipment are pool filters, pool pump, vacuum head, vacuum nose, leaf skimmer, and many more. All of them come from our trusted supplier or directly from the pool brands. Therefore, you don’t really need to worry about the quality and originality of this pool equipment.

The next product offered by Dimulti Pool is pool stairs. This is a custom-made Pool Stairs by Dimulti Pool workshop. This pool stairs is made by professionals with high quality of materials. With the advance technique and nice trim, these pool stairs is nicely done and safe to be used. And the best part of it, is that the stairs are provided in various of types. To give you clearer view about this product, below we enclose the pictures of Dimulti Pool’s pool stairs.

Pool Ladder 1

Dimulti Pool’s Pool Stairs Type #203

Pool Stairs

Pool Stairs Type #103 by Dimulti Pool

Pool Ladder 2

Pool ladder Type #303 by Dimulti Pool

Finally, that’s all we need to share regarding to the pool products we’re offering. All of these products are provided in high quality whether in term of built, materials, and also design. Moreover, to help you find out the best product for your pool, we’re also available for consultation.  So, for you who are interested to our service as pool product supplier, all you need is putting our contact window on a call. Lastly, Dimulti Pool: we help, we consult, and you decide.