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Joy and Happiness can’t be replaced with anything else. And a peacefully relaxing swimming pool in the corner of your house can bring them on. These are what motivate us to keep improving our quality in providing pool services, especially in pool building. We commit to bring you joy, and happiness through the pool we’re building for you.

A brief explanation of our company, we, Dimulti Pool, is a division OF DIMULTI PILAR NARMADI, PT. which focuses on offering high quality of pool services. These services cover: Pool Renovation, Pool Repairmen, and the one which becomes our concern now, Pool Building. Moreover, we also offer many kinds of pool product such as pool equipment, pool accessories, pool materials, and pool chemicals. Supported by professional who have dedicated more than 15 years in the business, we’re more than confident to offer you our best quality of pool service.

We have a wide coverage of services. We serve our customer on around Indonesia, especially in West Java and Jakarta (Jabodetabek). More than that, we’re also accessible. You can reach us in our website, phone call, facsimile, email, and any other popular social media. So, for you who aim to build a swimming pool, just don’t be doubt to put our number on call.

Pool Building is Easy, But…

Building Pool is easy! Everyone can do it, even for the one with the most basic construction understanding. But, what kind of pool you are talking about? If it’s a basic pool to accentuate your park, or to take care of your fish, then sure, you can hand this pool project to everyone. But, when we talk about a swimming pool, the story will be different.
Swimming pool is not a random pool that you can be built randomly. To result a better swimming pool product, we need a structured concept of pool building project which involve many significant aspects. That’s why you need a professional to handle this pool building project. And this is when Dimulti Pool comes up as one reliable pool service provider.

Why Choosing Us for Your Pool Building?

Swimming is one of popular sports, it will always be. And with the increasing people awareness of keeping their health, the enthusiasm toward swimming is getting bigger too. So, to guarantee the safety as well as comfort when swimming, we need a proper facility to support including swimming pool.

Dimulti Pool has experienced in years of building a pool. With the support of our staff who have experienced more than 15 years in the business, we have built various kind of pool from overflow pool, skimmer pool, to semi overflow. From the classic pool to modern one with jacuzzi. So, what are you doubting on?

Further, remembering that Indonesia has the unique topology, we need many considerations when we are building a pool. These considerations are especially on the technique, design, procedure, and material choice. All of these aspects need to comply with the topology and surrounding factors. So, the final result of the pool will be safe to use and durable. In Dimulti Pool, every steep of pool building is done with precision. With the support of expert and modern equipment, we make sure that every procedure will result on quality. Below are some documentations of our pool building procedures.




Our Portfolios

We have handled several pool building projects previously. Most of the projects are located in greater area of Jakarta and its surrounding (Jabodetabek). Even so, we don’t close the possibility to do pool building projects in around Indonesia. And to give you the clearer view about our project and portfolios, here are the examples of several projects we’ve been done before.

Pool Building in Ciputat

This is a pool building project that was finished on May 26th 2016. Our client is Mr. Terry, an English man who stays in Indonesia. This project was done in Mr. Terry’s resident in Cirendeu, Ciputat, Tangerang. This project lasted for about 2 months. The pool itself was an outdoor skimmer pool with classic square shape. Below we enclose the pool appearance after it’s completely done.

Mr. Terry's Pool Design

Mr. Terry’s Pool Design

Mr. Terry's Pool View at Noon

Mr. Terry’s Pool View at Noon

Pool Building in Cibinong

Cibinong is a location inside the coverage of Bogor city. This city is located on the south side of Jakarta. Here, we’ve made a deal with our clients, Mr. Asrur to build a pool in his Residence. This pool building project was finished n November 21st 2016. The Project itself was last for about 3 and half months. The pool is a semi overflow pool with water fountain one its side. With an amazing light setting, Mr. Asrur’s pool gracefully glows at night.

Pool Building Services

Mr. Asrul’s Pool Design

Swimming Pool View at Noon

Swimming Pool View at Noon

Mr. Asrul's Pool with Amazing Light Setting

Mr. Asrul’s Pool with Amazing Light Setting

That’s some of the portfolios of Dimulti Pool. By the time, we keep improving our quality and services. However, as a growing company we still need to learn a lot. But one thing for certain, we’re strongly holding our vision to offer you the best quality of pool building to meet your needs. Every critiques or advices are welcomed for the betterment of our company. And finally, whenever you have inquiry for pool building, don’t be doubt. All you need is putting our contact person on call. And the last ones we say: let’s build pool! Let’s build happiness!

Mur Baut Stainless M8-75Cm
Mur Baut Stainless
Steps Tangga Kolam Renang
Steps Tangga Stainless
Ring pipa Stainless Diameter 6,5cm
Ring Pipa Stainless Diameter 6,5cm
Ring pipa Stainless Diameter 6,5cm
Ring Pipa Stainless Diameter 10,3cm
The Rio incident was quite surprising. How come a swimming pool that is used for a big event such as Olympic had green water. But, behind this incident, at least many people are reminded that pool maintenance is indeed, really needed. It is because from this maintenance, the pool existence will be so much supported. Therefore, as a pool owner, we should really pay more attention at the whole aspects of the pool, including the water. And to overcome the pool green water problem, we have provided you the best possible way to do it. Related article: Natural Pool Treatment for Your Clearer and Healthier Pool The most important thing is overcoming pool green water problem inside the swimming pool is by understanding the actual problem of it. Green color of a pool is basically caused by algae. The massive growth of algae will fill the water, and the chlorophyll will turn the water color to be green. Of course, this is not the good things. Obviously, there is no one wants to swim in Shrek bathtub, right? So, in order to get rid of this matter, you can follow the following steps below. Related article: Easily Applicable Tips for Your Pool Maintenance Tips in Eradicating Pool Green Water Problem One basic way in eradicating pool green water problem is by using chemical. There are several ways of using chemical to eradicate green water. The most obvious ways is by using algaecide. Considering that algae are the main source of green water inside the pool, so the best way to eradicate it is by killing the algae itself. Here, algaecide is the best chemical to take. For the application, you may apply the algaecide after you brush the pool. But, one thing to remember, that algaecide should not be used together with chlorine. It is because blended with chlorine, the effect of algaecide will be minimized. Another way of minimizing pool green water problem is by doing chlorine shock. Chlorine is considered as the main enemy of algae. That’s why chlorine shock could be the best way to minimize the growth of algae. To do it, increase the chlorine level to be 5 ppm. This is the right level of chlorine that will kill the algae as well as bacteria inside the water. Further, when doing chlorine shock, don’t forget to switch on the filter. Therefore, we can clean the algae inside the pool and filter at once. As we know, algae growth is really related to the level of chlorine. So after killing the algae with algaecide or chlorine shock, you still need to keep the chlorine level of the pool. And based on expert’s statement, the right chlorine level inside the pool is between 1,0 and 3,0 ppm. This is the right level of chlorine where it won’t harm your skin but still effectively kills the germs, algae, and other microorganism. Besides, you should also pay more attention at water PH level. The most recommended level for pool water PH is between 7,2 and 7,6. Choosing Professional to Eradicate Pool Green Water Problem The explanation above suggests that the main cause of pool green water problem is algae. That’s why the best way to eradicate it is by cutting the problem from the root. And algaecide is the best way to do it as well as the chlorine shock. However, to do the effective way of algaecide and chlorine shock application, we need skills. So, hiring good professional pool maintenance agent is really needed. By this kind of agent, you don't need to worry about the quality of the services. And the most important thing is, the green water won't comeback in anytime soon. That's all of the explanation toward the ways in eradicating pool green water problem. We hope it can be helpful for you in taking care of your pool. Because the best quality of pool will affect on the whole performances of the house. And if you are looking for the qualified pool service agent and contractor, it is very important to see on the portfolios of the contractor. Because from here, you will be able to see the quality of the contractor.
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