Building Sloping Ground Swimming Pool; a Report of Pool Building Project in Bandung, West Java

Building swimming pool in sloping ground could be very tricky. There should be a certain technique to make the pool stable, especially when it’s built above that very specific land contour. Moreover, the construction needs to be well considered too in order to prevent damages in the future. Therefore, to inform you on how pool building in sloping ground could end up successfully, here is the report of our recent project: Sloping Ground Swimming Pool building in Bandung, West Java.

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool Site Location; Bandung, West Java

Considered as one of the highly considerable big cities for urban people in Indonesia, Bandung has stood becomes the capital city of west Java for decades, offering various attractions for both local and tourist. Supported by great landscape, this capital city becomes one of the biggest urban destinations in Java, standing side to side along with Jakarta on the west, and Surabaya over the east. The city has it all; from the traditional feel of Sundanese culture, until the touch modernization in every corner of the city.

With many progress and new infrastructures built by the government, owning a residence in Bandung is definitely on everyone’s wish list. The reason is because the investment value in Bandung is undoubtedly high, with property as one of the obvious valuable investments there, ranging from housing for personal use to something wider such as residential complex or even apartment.

Putting property investment in Bandung could be a little bit tricky. Besides choosing the best location and right developer, completing your property with various facilities is also an essential thing to do. Specifically for housing or residence, one essential facility that’s worth to consider is swimming pool.

Even though Bandung may have lower temperature than any other big cities in Java, but swimming is still a trend. That’s why even if your house is only for personal use, if you have enough profit, building a swimming pool in your Bandung house could be a good decision to take. Besides increasing functionality and comfort, having a swimming pool could increase the investment value of the house as well.

Project Report: Sloping Ground Swimming Pool Building in Bandung

Talking about pool building, here we are going to report one of our Pool Building project that was located in Bandung. This project is based on our cooperation with House owner, Mrs. Puji Astutiningsih and her husband Mr. Danny Vanbavinckhove. This cooperation was started when Mrs. Puji and Mr. Danny contacted us after finding our company on internet when they were browsing about swimming pool contractors. And After a long discussion and consideration, both Mrs. Puji and Mr. Danny decided to use our service for building their swimming pool. And below are the pool building processes in Mr. Danny’s house in step by step.

Pool Building Process

Early stage of this cooperation is email discussion. After Mr. Danny reached us out through email, we discussed several things about pool building, especially on what kind of pool he intended to build, the pool size, and also our previous portfolios for being reference. He also told us that the ground on his backyard is sloping ground, following the natural land contour of his residential area. So, we realized that we’re about to deal with Sloping Ground Swimming Pool.

For being reference, we sent several portfolios of our previous project. After taking close look to the portfolios and got interested in our service, Mr. Danny asked us to do site survey to check the actual location. Then, we set a time to do this site survey. In the first site survey, we met the house developer since the house owner, Mr. Danny himself and his wife, Mrs. Puji were not in town.

In the second survey we met Mrs. Puji herself, and discussed more about the pool concept. From this site survey, we got the early location data. And as we stated previously, the pool location was a sloping ground. So, we needed to think extra to make this Sloping Ground Swimming Pool possible. Below are the location pictures when we do first two surveys.

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - before swimming pool

Before Pool Building

In pool building process, site survey is an important stage to start the process, especially to know how the real location is and to obtain location data. From the data taken, we can develop concept of the overall pool building project; the pool design, building technique, materials chosen, and what pool surrounding will fit the most. Below are several concepts that we offered to Mrs. Puji and Mr. Danny based on the location data we got in the site survey.

All these concepts seems to be built in normal ground contour, not sloping ground. This is because in the first place, we decided to do hoarding on several areas of the location, so that the sloping contour of the ground could be more flat, and the Swimming Pool could be possible. These concepts were changed several times to find the most preferable one based on owner preferences.

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - 3D Graphic Design

Several Designs Offered

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - Design 4

Swimming Pool Designs We Made for Pool Owner Reference

From the designs above, we can see there are several significant changes, especially on the pool wall. At first, pool owner decide to use glass wall for the overflow side.Then, due to many considerations, they decided to use ordinary pool wall, which is concrete. Then, we can see the pool direction and gazebo were changed several times too. All these are done to meet pool owner needs. And finally, based on many considerations on functionality and aesthetical aspect, the house owner decided to choose this concept.

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - fixed design-

Final Design of the Swimming Pool

There are many challenges in applying this concept, especially about land contour. As we know, the land contour in Mr. Danny’s backyard was sloping ground. So, we need to make it flat by hoarding the land in some areas to make this Sloping Ground Swimming Pool concept possible.

After the concept is set up, we started the Sloping Ground Swimming Pool building project. In the first-two week, we did bow plank to get the exact pool size on the land. After bow plank process is done, the next process was stringing the iron to make foundation, and then digging up the land. The land digging process was not that significant due to the land contour which is sloping. Instead, we need to do a lot of hoarding in some parts of the land.

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - making the formwork

Making the Formwork

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - formwork and start casting process

Formworking and Casting

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - wiring and hoarding process

Wiring and Land Hoarding

In the third week of the project, we started to make formwork as well as arranging the first wiring layer for the pool wall and floor. After the formwork and wiring process was done, the next step was preparing plumbing installation, and it’s continued with starting to cast the first layer of the pool wall and floor. This casting was dried in the fourth week, and we took off the formwork afterward.

From here, we’re already able to see the first layer of pool wall and floor. While waiting for the casting to be fully dried, we started to work on machine room. We prepared the room for pump, filters, and other machinery in the fourth week of this Sloping Ground Swimming Pool project.

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool -

Wiring and Formworking Process

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - Plastering

Plastering Process after the Pool Wall Layer’s Finished

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - Working the wall

Working the Surrounding Wall while Waiting the Pool Wall Dried

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - Making the Machine Room

Making the Machine Room

In the fifth week, we did plastering on pool wall and floor to smoothen the surface, as well as doing waterproofing to prevent water to leak out from the pool. We really paid attention when doing waterproofing since this is the most significant part of pool building. Because if waterproofing is not working and the water leaking out, the pool will dried easily and we need to fix it again. After waterproofing was all good, we continue the sixth week by finishing the balancing tank making process. And after everything’s set up, mosaic installation process was started.

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - Making the Balancing Tank

Making the Balancing Tank

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - Making the Pump Room

Making the Pump and Filter Room

In the seventh week of this Sloping Ground Swimming Pool building project, we still did the mosaic installation and started to work on the terrace. Besides, we spent the seventh week of by installing natural stones on pool wall and making the pool stairs as well as setting up the gazebo. This process was continued in the ninth week. The ninth week was also spent by installing andhesit stone in the pool terrace and doing finishing as well by planting grass around the pool.

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - Finishing Mosaic Installation

Finishing Mosaic Installation

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - Making the Pool Stairs

Making the Pool Stairs

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - Planting Grass for Pool Surroundings

Planting Grass for Pool Surroundings

Tenth week was the last week of this Sloping Ground Swimming Pool building process. We spent this week by doing finishing. The finishing was done by checking up the pool installation, clearing the water, cleaning the site, and did the first water treatment. Here are the pictures of the final product of the swimming pool.

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - Final Look of the Swimming Pool.

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool – Final Look of the Swimming Pool.

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - Final Look of the Swimming Pool.,

Swimming Pool Water before Treatment

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - Final Look of the Swimming Pool

Pool Water after Treatment

Sloping Ground Swimming Pool - Final Look of the Swimming Pool,

Swimming Pool Ready to Use

End of the Pool Building Process

The overall time of this Sloping Ground Swimming Pool building project counted from the start until the pool is done was about 10 weeks. All these are possible with the cooperation between Dimulti Pool and pool owner; Mr. Danny and Mrs. Puji. Thanks to both owner for their big contribution and ideas in finishing this project. And to know about what’s pool owner thinks about this pool building project, soon we are going to attach the interview between the pool owner and us.

That’s all we need to inform regarding to this Sloping Ground Swimming Pool building project. Hopefully that can be a good reference for us all, especially in building a swimming pool in Sloping Ground contour. And If you want to have interest to use our service in making your dream swimming pool possible,, just don’t be doubts in contacting us. Thank you.

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The Rio incident was quite surprising. How come a swimming pool that is used for a big event such as Olympic had green water. But, behind this incident, at least many people are reminded that pool maintenance is indeed, really needed. It is because from this maintenance, the pool existence will be so much supported. Therefore, as a pool owner, we should really pay more attention at the whole aspects of the pool, including the water. And to overcome the pool green water problem, we have provided you the best possible way to do it. Related article: Natural Pool Treatment for Your Clearer and Healthier Pool The most important thing is overcoming pool green water problem inside the swimming pool is by understanding the actual problem of it. Green color of a pool is basically caused by algae. The massive growth of algae will fill the water, and the chlorophyll will turn the water color to be green. Of course, this is not the good things. Obviously, there is no one wants to swim in Shrek bathtub, right? So, in order to get rid of this matter, you can follow the following steps below. Related article: Easily Applicable Tips for Your Pool Maintenance Tips in Eradicating Pool Green Water Problem One basic way in eradicating pool green water problem is by using chemical. There are several ways of using chemical to eradicate green water. The most obvious ways is by using algaecide. Considering that algae are the main source of green water inside the pool, so the best way to eradicate it is by killing the algae itself. Here, algaecide is the best chemical to take. For the application, you may apply the algaecide after you brush the pool. But, one thing to remember, that algaecide should not be used together with chlorine. It is because blended with chlorine, the effect of algaecide will be minimized. Another way of minimizing pool green water problem is by doing chlorine shock. Chlorine is considered as the main enemy of algae. That’s why chlorine shock could be the best way to minimize the growth of algae. To do it, increase the chlorine level to be 5 ppm. This is the right level of chlorine that will kill the algae as well as bacteria inside the water. Further, when doing chlorine shock, don’t forget to switch on the filter. Therefore, we can clean the algae inside the pool and filter at once. As we know, algae growth is really related to the level of chlorine. So after killing the algae with algaecide or chlorine shock, you still need to keep the chlorine level of the pool. And based on expert’s statement, the right chlorine level inside the pool is between 1,0 and 3,0 ppm. This is the right level of chlorine where it won’t harm your skin but still effectively kills the germs, algae, and other microorganism. Besides, you should also pay more attention at water PH level. The most recommended level for pool water PH is between 7,2 and 7,6. Choosing Professional to Eradicate Pool Green Water Problem The explanation above suggests that the main cause of pool green water problem is algae. That’s why the best way to eradicate it is by cutting the problem from the root. And algaecide is the best way to do it as well as the chlorine shock. However, to do the effective way of algaecide and chlorine shock application, we need skills. So, hiring good professional pool maintenance agent is really needed. By this kind of agent, you don't need to worry about the quality of the services. And the most important thing is, the green water won't comeback in anytime soon. That's all of the explanation toward the ways in eradicating pool green water problem. We hope it can be helpful for you in taking care of your pool. Because the best quality of pool will affect on the whole performances of the house. And if you are looking for the qualified pool service agent and contractor, it is very important to see on the portfolios of the contractor. Because from here, you will be able to see the quality of the contractor.
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