Residential Pool Building Project in Bogor, West Java

Pool brings you Joy, Pool brings you happiness. This is a popular term hold strongly by us. By this term, we aim to bring a high quality of pool to you, to bring joy, as well as happiness. This is what we stand for in Dimulti Pool. For over years, we have finished many pool project in around Indonesia, especially in Jabodetabek Area. Our service covers many areas including pool building process, pool renovation, and pool repairmen. Moreover, we also supply the good quality of pool chemicals, accessories, and pool product. And to let you know about one of our portfolios, here is a report of our residential pool building project.

Our client is Mr. Asrur, an entrepreneur who runs several businesses, and this residential pool building project was located in his resident, inside the coverage of Cibinong area, Bogor, West Java. This pool project was started on Saturday, July 2nd 2016, and finished on Saturday, October 21st 2016. So, this pool building project was lasting for about three and a half month. This project was done carefully step by step. All of the process including the preparation process, designing process, land digging process, construction process, and finishing was ran by professionals. And here is the documentations of the process step by step.

Land Digging Process

Making the pool foundation

Construction Process

Finishing Process

Finally, after we get all of the processes was done in about 3,5 months of construction period, the residential pool building project was finished. This is a classical pool with rectangular shape. on the side of the pool, a fountain beautifully accentuates the view. Applying the minimalist concept, this pool looks perfectly blended with the surrounding. And here is the final look of Mr. Asrur’s Pool.

Mr. Asrur’s Pool with amazing light setting

Mr. Asrur’s Pool view at noon

Another view of Mr. Asrur’s Pool

That’s all of the report regarding to our residential pool building project in Cibinong, Bogor. Personally, I thank Mr. Asrur for laying his trust on Dimulti Pool to build a pool in his resident. By this, we keep impro