Pool Renovation Project in Danau Dariza – Garut, West Java

One thing that is mostly considered by visitor when choosing specific resort or hotel to stay is facility. The more complete the facility’s offered, the higher possibility for the hotel to attract more visitors. And one of the facilities we’re talking about is swimming pool. It’s very often for visitor to consider the swimming pool after considering room or services of a hotel. That’s why many resort managements are very careful in building swimming pool. They tend to choose the right design, best material, and good build quality in order to get the right pool that they want. This is exactly what happens to Danau Dariza, one great resort in Garut, West Java, that cooperated with us to renovate their old swimming pool.

Brief Introduction: Danau Dariza, One Interesting Resort Option to Stay in Garut

Just brief introduction, Danau Dariza is a resort with traditional concept that’s located in Lengensari, Jl. Raya Cipanas No.44/45, Garut Regency, West Java. The resort itself is built up on 3 hectares of land and faces directly to a manmade lake. That’s how the name “Hanau Dariza” was coming from in the first place, because “Lake” in Indonesian Language means “Danau”. The main attraction of this resort is natural beauty of the surroundings. The resort is also surrounded by several mountains such as Guntur Mountain that is popular for its sulphur hot water, Putri Mountain, and Hejo Mountain. With this landscape characteristics, it makes the temperature around the resort ranges between 18 to 20 degree Celsius at night, the air is very fresh during the days.

Pool Renovation Project in Danau Dariza - Garut, West Java

Danau Dariza view at night
Photo Courtesy of Danau Dariza Resort

Various facilities are offered in Danau Dariza resort. The room building is styled in boat-shape with traditional atmosphere inside. There are TVs, minibars, tea and coffeemakers, and microwaves available for the room renter. Room is divided it to bedroom, living room, kitchens and whirlpool tubs, depends on which kind of room you’re renting. And one thing that’s attracting the most is the water facilities, such as 38 meters waterboom, hot sulphur water swimming pool for relaxation, jacuzzi, and regular swimming pool with cold water. Talking about the swimming pool, Danau Dariza management has cooperated with Dimulti Pool to renovate this swimming pool area. Detail about this renovation project will be presented below.

Pool Renovation Project in Danau Dariza Resort – Garut, West Java

The purpose of this cooperation is not building new swimming pool, but renovating some broken parts of the old pool such as replacing mosaics and installing the water slide. However, this project can be classified as pool building too because in doing this renovation, Dimulti Pool also extended the pool size to be way bigger than the previous size. Long story short, the previous pool size was actually not that big. And because the resort has growing number of visitors, especially on holiday, the management decided to extend the pool size and make it bigger.

On the side of old pool, there was some kind of pond, a fish pond. Because of the pool is felt too small to accommodate visitors, the management decided to change the functionality of this fish pond to be swimming pool. Therefore, we built another swimming pool on the fish pond location, and united this new pool with the old pool and make it like one big swimming pool. Moreover, we also installed new water slide to add more fun for kids. Below is the detail process that we’ve done in renovating swimming pool in Danau Dariza resort, Garut, West Java.

Danau Dariza Pool Renovation Process in Step by Step

The first day of renovation process was started on Monday, January 8th 2018. On the first day, we did preparation stage by building temporary cottage as the resting place of the workers. The worker would rest in this provided area, so it won’t interfere other residence visitors. After the rest area is built, we continued to the early process of pool renovation.

After the cottage was build, we spent the first week by doing early stage of renovation process. It was started by draining the pool water, and removing the mosaic from the old pool. These mosaics need to be removed completely and changed with the new color for the fresher look. Besides, the old mosaics are already detached from the cast so total replacement is needed.

After the mosaic was completely removed on the first week, the second week was continued by cleaning the pond on the side of the pool and drained the pond water as well. Besides, we also broke the pool wall and plaza that directly face to the pond. This wall needs to be removed since we will extend the old pool until the pod (building new pool on the pond location).

Danau Dariza Pool Renovation - First week 3

Building temporary cottage for resting area

Danau Dariza Pool Renovation - First week 3

Draining the pool

Danau Dariza Pool Renovation - First Week 1

Removing the old mozaics

Danau Dariza Pool Renovation - First week 2

Breaking the pool wall

Fourth week was spent by building formwork for new pool foundation on the pond location. And also, we did wiring in some areas and doing casting on the plaza of old pool. This process was continued until the fifth week. And on the fifth week, we did waterproofing on the old pool as well.

Danau Dariza Pool Renovation - Installing Wires

Installing Wiring

Danau Dariza Pool Renovation - Making Formwork 2

Making formwork preparation

Danau Dariza Pool Renovation - Making Formwork

Preparing Formwork

On the sixth week, we did wiring process in the formwork area and on the pool floor that’s already casted. This process was continued on the seventh and eighth week by doing casting again on the wiring area. By doing multiple wiring and casting on the pool floor, we want to make sure that the pool foundation is strong enough and can accommodate huge amount of water debit. Besides, on the eight week we also took off some of the formworks that were already dried, as well as repainted the waterslide. As explained before, the original pool has one waterslide already. But, because the pool is enlarged, Danau Dariza management asked to add one more waterslide.






Danau Dariza Pool Renovation - Painting the slide

Painting the water slide

On the eight week, we finish the washing room on the side of the pool. And on the ninth week, we do plastering on the washing room wall and floor. And then, this process is continued by doing waterproofing. Waterproofing process was continued to the tenth week. And within the test week, we also did wiring on the washing machine roof as well as installing natural stone on the washing room plaza.

Danau Dariza Pool Renovation - Waterproofing

Waterproofing Process

Danau Dariza Pool Renovation - Waterproofing 2

Waterproofing the pool floor

Danau Dariza Pool Renovation - Making Washing room

Building washing room for visitors

On the eleventh week, the main pool was almost done. So, on the eleventh week we continued the process by installing mosaic on the pool wall. And also, we did casting on the pool plaza. Ceramic installation on the pool floor was also done within the eleventh week. While on the thirteenth week, we make septic tank which is separated quite far from the pool. And also, we renovated the waterslide, making it a little bit higher. And on the fourteenth week, we casted the roof of washing room and finished the electricity installation in the washing room. On the fifteenth week, we finished the electricity installation of ceramic on the pool floor.




Sixteenth week is the last week of the project. Within this week, we renovated the machine room. After the machine room finished, we did finishing on the plaza, and started to fill water in the new swimming pool. And on the few last days, we did water treatment and made the water looks clearer so the pool was ready to use.

Danau Dariza Pool Renovation - Making Macine room

Making Machine Room for the pump

Danau Dariza Pool Renovation - Installing the machine

Machine Installation

Danau Dariza Pool Renovation - Waterslide Installation

Setting up the water slide

Final Pool

Danau Dariza Pool Renovation - Pool is finished

Final Result of the swimming pool

Overall time of finishing this project is around 16 weeks. We’re glad that all processes can run normally as they’re planned. And hopefully, the final result of the pool will be durable, and can accomodate the needs of Danau Dariza’s visitors.

And to show you more detail about the process, below is the video of whole process.

That’s all we need to report. Hopefully this report could be your reference in using our service. Should you have any inquiry about pool building, pool renovation, or need pool products such as pool steps, chemicals, etc. you can send those inquiries on our email address or call our phone number on the contact form.

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