Pool Maintenance Project in Cilandak (Mrs. Diah’s Pool)

Pool ownership is not stopping on the pool building only. But, we still need to continue maintaining the pool to keep condition of it stays maximum. This is when we need to do pool maintenance. And this is when a pool service provider like us ready to help you dealing with this thing. As a leading pool contractor in Jakarta, Dimulti Pool offers you the complete package of pool maintenance such as chemical level checking, pol cleaning, pool vacuum, backwash, and chemical addition, and many more. And to give you the clearer view about this service, here we’ll show you the report of one our project: Pool Maintenance Project in Cilandak.

This is a project between Dimulti Pool with Mrs. Diah as the pool owner. This project was done in Mrs.Diah’s House in Cilandak area, South Jakarta, Indonesia. The pool itself comes from the  overflow kind of pool with classical square shape. In this maintenance project, we keep the pool clean by cleaning the trash, doing vacuum, and backwash. By doing this thing, we can keep the pool water clear, and not turning green easily.

Besides do the things above, in this Pool Maintenance Project in Cilandak we also check the chemical level of the water. When the chemical level is in balance condition, we can avoid the growth of algae, and microorganism inside. So, the water will relatively safe to be used. More than that, Dimulti Pool team also checks the mechanical system of  the pool. We make sure that the installation, pump, filters, and other system is in a god condition.

The Documentation of Pool Maintenance Project in Cilandak

As one leading pool service provider in Jakarta, Dimulti Pool have several kinds of service. These service are pool building service, pool designing service, pool renovation, pool maintenance, and pool repairmen service. More than that, we also offer our customer with best quality of pool product such as pool accessories, pool equipment, chemical, pool fountain, and pool stairs. Supported by a team that has involved in the business for more than 15 years, our services is done professionally.

Getting back to this project, below we enclose the documentation of this pool maintenance project. The first condition of the pool was the water is a bit murky, but not too murky. And there was many leaves inside the pool. This might be caused by the leaf of the trees around the pool that was blown away into the pool. So, the first step to do was cleaning the pool from leaves and dirt, then added several chemicals needed. The chemical addition was aimed to precipitate the small dirt in the water. So, if the dirt has been precipitated, we can do vacuum in all over the pool.

Below is he documentations of Mrs. Diah’s swimming pool before and after the treatment.

Pool Maintenance Project in Cilandak 1

Mrs. Diah’s swimming pool before it was getting treatment by Dimulti Pool

Pool Maintenance Project in Cilandak 2

The water is quite clear actually, but there are many leaves and trash inside the pool

Below is the condition of Mrs Diah’s swimming pool after the treatment.

Swimming pool after the treatment 1

Mrs. Diah’s swimming pool after the treatment

Swimming pool after the treatment 2

Another angle of Mrs. Diah’s swimming pool after the treatment

Pool water becomes clearer 1

The water becomes clearer and the chemical level is more balance

Mrs. Diah's pool after the treatment

Mrs. Diah’s pool after the treatment

That’s all we need to share regarding to our project:Pool Maintenance Project in Cilandak (Mrs. Diah’s Pool). With the proper maintenance, your pool will have a clear water with minimum health risk. So, if you have any other question regarding to our service, putting our contact window in a call will be so much beneficial.