Pool Building Project in Tangerang (Mr. Terry’s House)

Dimulti Pool is one of the reliable pool contractors in Indonesia. Headquartered in the greater Jakarta area, this pool contractor has provided its customers with many kinds of pool services. These services are pool renovation service, pool repairmen service, pool water treatment, pool mechanical maintenance, and the one which will be our main topic, pool building service. Moreover, we also supply our customers with highly considerable pool product such as pool equipment, pool accessories, chemicals, and pool stairs. Our scope is also wide. We provide our services for the entire area of Indonesia. So, whenever you’re looking for a pool service provider, our office number will be the right contact to call.

Back to our main topic, which is pool building services, now we are going to tell you one of our finished projects. It is a pool building project in tangerang. This project was done in the residence of Mr. terry, a British man who lives in Ciputat, Tangerang City, Banten. This project was specifically aimed to build a swimming pool in the backyard of Mr. Terry’s house. The pool itself comes from the kind of skimmer pool with the classical square shape. So, before starting this project, there are a several processes done by Dimulti Pool team to ensure that the project to run smoothly.

Stages of Pool Building Project in Tangerang (Mr. Terry’s House) by Dimulti Pool

This pool building project in Tangerang was started on March 16th 2016. To start this pool building process, Dimulti Pool team surveying the location and measuring the location as well to get the measurement data. This data will be used as a reference to decide the right size of the pool and to make the pool design. Below we enclose the documentation of surveying process and the pool design.

Pool Building Project in Tangerang (Mr. Terry's House)

Measuring the size of Mr. Terry’s backyard

Pool Building Project in Tangerang (Mr. Terry's House)

Mr. Terry’s pool design from the up-side

Pool Building Project in Tangerang (Mr. Terry's House)

Mr. Terry’s poo design from the front side

Pool Building Project in Tangerang (Mr. Terry's House)

3D model of Mr. Terry’s pool

As the measurements was obtained and the designed was created, then Dimulti Pool team begun the pool building process. This process was started by digging the land. In dong land digging process, Dimulti Pool used the skilled land diggers. By using these skilled land diggers, the digging process could be done faster. More than that, the result is also tidier.

Pool Building Project in Tangerang (Mr. Terry's House)

Land Digging Process for Mr. Terry’s swimming pool

The land was completely dug in about 5 days. It means that we ware ready to go further for the next processes, which is construction process. This construction process was started by making a foundation. Then, it was continued by installing the bricks, setting the water installation, and making the plumbing system. All of these processes was done professionally by Dimulti Pool team by paying extra attention on precision.

Pool Building Project in Tangerang (Mr. Terry's House)

The construction process of Mr. Terry’s swimming pool

Final Result of Mr. Terry’s Pool

Finally, after spending about 70 days of working, the pool building project in Tangerang (Mr. Terry’s house) was finished on May 26th 2016. This skimmer pool looks so solid with classical square shape. Moreover, the addition of materials such as stones tile on the side of the pool and plants around the pool strengthen the natural atmosphere of the pool. Here is the final look of Mr. Terry’s pool which has been finished by Dimulti Pool.

Pool Building Project in Tangerang (Mr. Terry's House)

Final Look of Mr. Terry’s pool

Overall, Mr. Terry was happy with the final result of the his pool. You can check his impression regarding to this project in above video.

That’s all of the report from our pool building project in Tangerang (Mr. Terry’s house). May this report will be able to give you sufficient reference in building your own dreamy pool. And if you are interested to our service, you can easily reach our contact window in the contact list of this website. Finally, let’s build pool, let’s build happiness!!

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