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Above are something we have always kept in running every single project. We put our best resources to achieve both our and customer’s target. And to make it happen, we always try our best in giving the easiest access between customers, company, and project itself. Moreover, with all of these connected aspects, we believe that the project goal could be achieved easily with no worry.

Brief Profile of Dimulti Pool

As we know, Dimulti Pool is a company that runs in providing pool services and pool products. Our service covers pool building, pool renovation, pool repairmen, and pool maintenance. Moreover, the company also runs as pool products supplier that supplies various kinds of pool products such as chemicals, pool accessories, and pool equipment. All of these products can be afforded with such a competitive price and also available in the whole areas of Indonesia, especially for JABODETABEK area.

To create the best quality of our service, we are supported by experienced team who has experienced more than 15 years in the related field. And in order to keep this thing going, we keep recruiting potential individual to be the part of our team. Moreover, we are also supported by the whole sophisticated resources, so the project can be done with precision.

About our portfolios, we have so many good ones. We already talked about some of them in the previous letters. Therefore. here, we’re going to talk only about our recent project, a pool renovation at Mr. Ulf’s House.

Who Mr. Ulf actually is? He is a Swedish aircraft engineer who lives in Tangerang as an expatriate. He is about to renovate his old swimming pool. And he entrusted Dimulti Pool to do this project. Therefore, to give you updates about this project, here is the detail report of it.

Pool Renovation Project at Mr. Ulf’s House, Tangerang, West Java

Before going further into this project, we would like to give you short explanation about pool renovation. Basically, renovation is quite similar with repairmen. It is only a matter of scale. Generally, renovation means a big scale of repairmen, even in some aspects they both have significant difference. Here in Dimulti Pool, there are some kinds or renovation that we offer. They are pool leaked renovation, plumbing system repairmen, circulatory system renovation, and construction renovation.

Back to the project, the team started to renovate the pool at April 21st 2016 and finished it at June 3th 2016. As usual, the pool renovation process is started by surveying the real condition of the old pool to get the required data such as the topography, measurement, design, etc. from these data, the team developed it to into basic concept. Then this concept becomes a parameter in deciding the design, the best materials, and other related aspects. All of these things are made under the discussion between the Dimulti Pool Team and pool owner.

Below are the documentations of Mr. Ulf’s Pool condition before renovated.


Pool Renovation Project

before renovation

Before Renovation

After the data was collected and the preparation was done, the pool renovation process was started. It is begun by removing the old mosaics to be replaced with the new one, while the other team member fixed the pool parts that needed some repairmen. Moreover, the circulatory system of this pool also got some repairmen too. Below are the documentations of the renovation process.

Renovation Process 1

Pool Renovation Project – Process 1

Penovation Process 2

Pool Penovation Process 2

Renovation Process 3

Pool Renovation Process 3

Here are the photos of Mr. Ulf’s newly renovated swimming pool. The color of the mosaic seems so bright in contrast with the white stone floor color around it. It makes the pool look edgy and more attractive than before. Moreover, this pool doesn’t need many accessories since it already has palm trees around it. With the good lighting and the simplistic concept of it, the pool looks elegantly stunning.

Pool Renovated 1

Pool Renovated 1

Pool Renovated 2

Pool Renovated 2

Completed Renovation 1

Completed Renovation 1

Pool Renovated with Good Lighting and the Simplistic Concept

Pool Renovated with Good Lighting and the Simplistic Concept

And to check this project Closer, you can watch below videos.

That’s all of the pool renovation project report. Hopefully it can inspire you in renovating your swimming pool. And whenever you want to build one, feel free to contact us in the contact list on this website for further discussion. We will definitely help you to realize your dreamy pool. Finally, by holding on hard work, consistency, and responsibility, we offer you our best services, and your satisfaction is on top of our priorities.